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Forza Win

What do you get when you put two pizza ovens on a rooftop in Hackney? Nothing. They’d probably get stolen to be honest. But when you throw in some traditionally baked Neapolitan pizzas, Italian Gelupo Gelato, a great band and invite 30 random people you get something magical. 

Turning up at the ‘secret’ location – a building that most would recognise from various warehouse parties – we were greeted with a warm welcome from one of the great guys running the night, Bash. Then up on the roof we were greeted by an Aperol Spritz. So far, so good!


All seated together on market style benches; we kicked off with a hearty ragu then moved swiftly onto the various pizzas. Rather than detail every single different pizza I urge you to keep an eye on Forza Win and go experience it for yourself! Though do try the walnut topped one 😉 and you’ll love Gods sausage.

Dessert consisted of Gelupo Gelato, with olive oil and sea salt. A combination that was a surprising medley of sweet and savoury.


Now what made the night extra special, was the band; Josh Flowers & The Wild. With just the two of them on the night, armed with a guitar, cello and harmonica, we were treated to a beautiful acoustic set of warming indie folk songs. Everyone joined in with foot stamping and clapping galore – you wouldn’t have even realised it was pissing down thanks to Bash and Co. having to hold umbrellas over the band! But the absolute pinnacle of the night was the impromptu rendition of Daniel Bedingfield’s ‘If you’re not the one’. Ask any of the cool crowd there that night about that ballad and they would no doubt scoff. Yet, EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE knew the words and carried the reluctant request far beyond the first verse and chorus.

It was a very special moment and one of those moments that makes you realise why you love London and now, Forza Win.


by @Jarvdesign + @Staceysssssss


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