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Mezze style brunch at FIREDOG

WE LOVE BRUNCH. It’s absolutely in our top three meals of the day. And as much as we love avocado, it has a habit of sneaking into every breakfast meal in town. Well – enough is enough – Firedog have declared themselves a no avocado zone.

Instead you’ll find dishes inspired by the street food of Greece and Turkey which remind us of lazy morning’s in Santorini. Everything we tried was incredible but the real show-stopper was the Firedog Breakfast Mezze for two.

For just £18 a head you get a whopping selection of dishes including, *drum roll please*….

Selection of Firedog jams compound butter

Lemon curd clotted cream organic honeycomb

Tomatoes purple basil olive oil

Cucumber lemon zest poppy seeds

Unsalted young cheese sour cherry compote

Freshly made Lor with walnuts thyme olive oil

Wood roasted tahini with caroub molasses

Candied pumpkin hung yoghurt

Aegean olives

Sundried tomato and pepper paste

Grilled halloumi feta Sujuk charred spring onions

All served with grilled sourdough and flatbread

Firedog Mezze Breakfast

This little lot will completely cover your table and will have you going from soft cheese, to fresh tomatoes to sweet honeycomb and back again in utter ecstasy. The DREAM.  If sharing ain’t your thang we also loved the baked eggs in a smoked tomato, charred pepper sauce with a big dollop of herby yoghurt.  The grilled halloumi comes with the smokiest tomatoes we’ve ever tried and a vibrant beetroot hummus. We’d go so far as to say it’s one of the best brunches in town so not to be missed. Veggies will also love it with loads of great options available for them and there are sweet treat like this brioche if you prefer.

Chargrilled plums kaymak honey salted pistachios toasted brioche

Firedog take their coffee VERY seriously. Check out the Bunsen burner contraption on the bar…. (no, we’re not too sure either! But it tasted great!) For something refreshing, we loved the housemade Pomegranate & Blood Orange soda.

Open for breakfast everyday, they’ll also be launching dinner in March – stay tuned!


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