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Fire Station Waterloo

We checked out the refurbished Firestation at Waterloo…

and even though we hadn’t frequented the place in its previous incarnation, we had heard good things about the new look. I half expected a Wetherspoons masquerading as a swanky after work bar but was pleasantly surprised – mostly by the rear dining area. We were initially sat in the main bar area which was incredibly loud and busy with after work drinkers and casual diners. Not a bad thing; it shows the place is a popular spot. However, moving to the quieter and less hectic dining area at the back of the venue was a welcomed relief.

The interior has nice touches and nods to the buildings fire station past with quirky lighting made from fire hoses and other cool details. There was plenty of space for big tables of friends alongside more intimate tables.



We went all in and ordered a pizza to share along with a burger each plus fries and a spicy coleslaw. With some pretty good cocktails from their menu too – including a decent Old Fashioned.

The menu of sides was a bit limited – apart from the coleslaw your only option is fries of some kind. I little mac and cheese or vegetables would have been good to see on there.




We’d plumped for the Goats cheese pizza (£8.75) which was a good size to share and perfectly thin and crispy as I like it. Not too oily and an admirable amount of toppings, whilst the burgers were a good handful and arrived neatly wrapped. Slightly unnecessary  as we were dining in but could be handy for the more messy eater!

The service was great and our waiter was attentive and answered all our questions about the menu. Transitioning from different tables with our drinks order wasn’t a problem either which made moving tables painless.



The Fire Station isnt the first place i’d think of for a meal around Waterloo but I was pleasantly surprised and would be happy to make another visit for a burger or pizza in the future. The busy bar clearly shows that it’s a great after work spot – so maybe a few drinks at the bar then slip to the back for a quiet meal when you visit.



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