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Finest Fizz

So I wake up to a text from Chris Crummbs… Do I want to go to a champagne tasting event? helllllssss yeah I do! Ok good, it’s a new sugar free “skinny” champagne. That ok? HELLLLLSSS YEAH IT IS. Oh and it’s in a cool location… You have to knock on the door to be allowed in.

Well, with my bestie on my arm, we tubed it to Chelsea and did just that. Knock knock, who’s there? Two Essex girls with a thirst for bubbles. Welcome to Uncle Bart’s.
We met Howard, the guy that has discovered “skinny champagne” He’s had links to the champagne region for years and has discovered an artisan producer of a sugar free variety. He imports it to the uk. It tastes goooood. And more importantly it tastes clean. (He bought a bottle of Verve for us to compare… And also to prove his point.) it worked.

It was great to meet someone so passionate about the product they are promoting. He knows how each bottle is produced and he is proud of his research. Howard pours me a glass of his black label champers. He tells me he often takes the rosé version and asks people to blind taste it against Laurent Perrier Rosé, and they prefer his. From tasting the white I can believe this.

Sushi was served to go with the delicate bouquets in our crystal glasses, the atmosphere at Bart’s was just as delicious. And to top it all off both Bestie and I have been given the most beautiful gift of our very own bottle, in a sandalwood box, and information on how to drink ourselves skinny by ordering from Howard’s online shop, costing less than your usual Lanson or Moët. What a gorgeous evening.

To order your bottles of Lopez-Martin “Henri Martin” Extra Brut, head to Howard’s website, I can promise you, you won’t be disappointed!

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