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If you happen to be in Covent Garden and are in need of a quick bite to eat – may we introduce you to Farmstand.

It’s casual, it’s fast but it feels so much more special than any of the chains out there. Firstly the space is light, bright and packed with fresh green plants. The exposed brick walls instantly elevate this from your standard lunch spot.

Paul Winch-Furness / Photographer

For just £7.50 you’re invited to choose a main (we loved the poached salmon with dill), and add a couple of salads. Broccoli with tahini and sesame seeds was dreamy but you can also choose from the likes of herbed lentils or buckwheat tabbouleh. We are told there are over 52,000 menu combos so it’s not likely you’ll get bored anytime soon.


The whole menu is sustainably sourced, free from refined sugar, gluten, dairy, hormones and antibiotics. Tick, tick and tick. We also appreciated the still and sparkling water taps for you to top up from at no extra cost.

Open from breakfast where you might pick up a pot of multigrain porridge, through to dinner, we’ll be popping back for their beautiful cakes, complete with edible petals.

It’s often hard to find something both healthy AND filling that comes in under budget but Farmstand manages to tick all the boxes. They also serve wine and beer so we’ll be keeping this up our sleeve for quick after work catch-ups with the girls.



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