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Fanny’s Kebab

There’s a new kebab shop in town and she’s a keeper. Fanny’s has launched in Stoke Newington (well, that end bit of Dalston that turns into Stokey) and we’re big fans. The décor is all millennium pink and turquoise blue, inspired by days spent surfing in California’s sunny coastal clime apparently. It all came about after a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign (£150,000 in a mere seventeen minutes ) and sell-out pop-up at the Sun & 13 Cantons in Soho.

The menu is short and sweet including lazy lamb and swish chicken but our favourite was the veggie friendly halloumi and aubergine. All of which can be served in a classic wrap, or as a salad or rice box and we’re told there will be regularly changing seasonal specials appearing too. If you fancy swapping your beloved sweet potato fries for something else, Fanny’s do Persian fries, a zingy chopped salad with orange and pomegranate, baba ganoush and of course, hummus.

If you can round up the gang there’s the option to go ‘all in’ and enjoy all of the ‘babs, sides & snacks for £40. Bargain! It’s all super laid back (you can grab a Crate IPA and eat in or takeaway).

So what’s the name all about?

Fanny’s takes its name from eccentric cook, restaurant critic and writer Fanny Cradock of course – why, what were you thinking?

Apparently they’ll be turning the basement into a bar which will serve Eastern-inspired cocktails, and you can expect regular live music nights.

If you like Dom’s in Clapton, than we think you’ll love Fanny’s in Stoke Newington – and we reckon this towns big enough for the both of them.


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