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Fan Tong

Newly opened on the Kingsland Road, Fan Tong serves up ‘mostly Chinese food’ and by mostly they mean you can expect an ‘anything goes’ menu…

Essentially the restaurant is a little playground for cooking what they like and hopefully what other people like to eat.
So expect culinary adventures that include grilled market fresh fish from their fishmongers, Steve Hatt, based down the road to homely comfort food, to Italian meatballs and English puds – have you seen their cinnamon and caramel apple éclair?! 🙂


FT Restaurant - Wall Pic


The menu will change regularly with new dishes every few weeks. For their next menu, they will be adding mooli spring rolls (recipe from the owner Wai Wans’ mum) and fried salt and pepper green beans.

Drinks wise, there is a great selection of mocktails which customers can turn into cocktails with a variety of spirits to choose from. And a Chinese menu wouldn’t be complete without a number of house teas including a soothing Chrysanthemum tea and a real premium grade Oriental Beauty Oolong tea.


FT Restaurant - Seating
The name ‘Fan Tong’ translates to rice bucket but it’s also used by Chinese folks to describe kids or anyone who is particularly useless (they are good for nothing but eating and storing rice in their bellies). Sounds like their HAM on the fun side of things so we can definitely expect some great dishes to come out of Fan Tong for sure!

Twitter: @FanTongDalston

Fan Tong
511 Kingsland Road,
E8 4AR

Initial opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday 6pm to 11pm.
Last orders an hour before we close.
Closed Monday and Sunday.

They don’t take bookings – but they have a great bar area if guests need to wait.


Check out the menu below….



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