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You can’t ignore the healthy eating bandwagon so you may as well jump on.

With this in mind we popped into ETHOS last night and gave it a whirl!

Located just off Oxford Circus, ETHOS is a pay-by-weight concept that features dishes from around the world which keeps things interesting!

One of the specialities (and we had a go at making it ourselves!) is the Aloo Scotch Egg with spicy ketchup – be careful though – these bad boys are huge and quickly weigh your plate down!!


We were drawn to the most unhealthy treats on offer but they were delicious so who cares – we recommend the halloumi bites, the arancini with feta & the zucchini & feta cakes. Basically – anything with cheese. Also the “meatballs” (did we mention ETHOS is meat-free? The food is so yummy, and you’ll be piling your plate up so high that you might not notice!

Although buffet’s can have a bit of a naff image, ETHOS manages to retain a proper restaurant feel with it’s cool interior. It was totally packed the night we visited so it looks like we’re not the only ones jumping on that bandwagon!

We recommend for a girly gathering, a shopping pit-stop or for those trying to eat less meat but don’t want to give up eating out!



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