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Brunch at Eneko

We headed back to Eneko last weekend, this time to try out their new street food inspired brunch menu.

Forget everything you know about your classic brunch menu. Three Michelin starred chef Eneko Atxa has put together an exciting array of dishes that fall under the following categories – street food, eggs, classics and grill.

Before you get that far the lovely waiting staff will bring you a complimentary glass of cava for you to sup whilst you peruse the menu. Don’t be surprised if this ends up being a bottle – who can say no to breakfast cava? Not us. If you’re a Bloody Mary fan you’ll want to try the Golden Mary – spiced vodka, golden tomato juice and celery foam.

Oxtail on Milk Bread

Highlights for us were the cute bitesize brioche buns with slow cooked oxtail. Handily they come as a pair so are perfect for sharing but they won’t last long. If you’re after something Insta-worthy be sure to order the beautiful Traditional Talo which is nearly too pretty to eat. Similar to a corn tostada, it’s split into quarters and topped with the freshest multi-coloured tomatoes and edible flowers.

Traditional Talo at Eneko

Scrambled eggs may sound pretty standard but we think this could become Atxa’s signature brunch dish. It’s a rustic dish with sautéed potatoes, and jamon with sourdough toast to help you scoop it all up. If you’re after something heartier we’d recommend the Basque-style prime rib of beef, served medium rare and pre-sliced for sharing. It sits atop a perfectly seasoned spring onion salad which allows for all the juices of the meat to soak through as well as a bowl of wafer thin fries.

Save room for their infamous Torrija – Basque style vanilla sponge soaked in milk. Sounds simple but it’s a knockout.



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