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EatFirst New Menu


This week Crummbs HQ have come down with a monster cold – but fear not – EatFirst came to our rescue with their delicious new greener, lighter and healthier menu.

We are HUGE fans of EatFirst – their club sandwich is seriously one of our favourite things to put in our mouth – EVER. But, we all know it’s a game of balance and sometimes you just need a little TLC – turns out burning the candle at both ends just isn’t sustainable – who knew! We’ve been mega busy so a duvet day just wasn’t an option, but having EatFirst deliver lunch was the next best thing as we didn’t have the energy to leave the office.

We went all-green-everything with their vegetarian Broccoli, Avocado and Goji Salad. The quinoa and edamame base made it super filling while the avocado puree dressing tasted pretty naughty. We could practically feel the nutrients enter our bloodstream thanks to the kale, pumpkin seeds and juicy goji berries. We washed it all down with a ‘Green it On’ smoothie – full of more kale and avocado, but this time with a zingy dose of ginger for good measure. Pow!

Meat-eaters will love the new Super Beef Protein Salad – perfect before a gym session. Slices of beef are served nice and pink with a middle eastern-inspired salad of seeded quinoa, white cabbage and dried apricots.

EatFirst is one of our firm favourites when it comes to food delivery – hearty portions, good value for money, super delicious and always on time. What’s not to love?

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