Best Easter Eggs 2018

Easter Eggs 2018

Last year we went to Barcelona with M&S to learn all about Easter Eggs. This year (now that we’re experts ;-)) we bring you our favourite eggs on the high street…

Easter Eggs 2018

Il Piemontese Easter Egg 500g: £23.95, Carluccio’s

Carluccio’s have a dedicated Easter Egg shop online, where you can stock up on their Italian treats. We particularly loved this giant egg which has been liberally sprinkled with hazelnut pieces and wrapped up in a beautiful orange bow (available in-store only). These miniature Gianduja Chocolate Eggs were also delish – each have been filled by hand with a hazelnut paste and topped with white chocolate.

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Easter Eggs 2018Waitrose Dark Chocolate Avocado Easter Egg 250g: £8, Waitrose

We got a LOT of love for this when we popped it on Instagram. Millennials everywhere will appreciate this tongue in cheek chocolate twist on our beloved breakfast staple.

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M&S Hand Decorated Belgian Milk & Dark Chocolate Egg with Shimmered Insert: £20, Marks & Spencer

As ever, too many gorgeous eggs to mention. If we had to choose a favourite it would maybe be this one with the shimmered inset, but we also adore the colourful hand painted ones too (which are only £12!). Whether you’re shopping for kids or adults, M&S won’t let you down.

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Fortnum & Mason The Colossal Egg, 1.4kg: £90, Fortnum & Mason

Ok, so it is bloody expensive but it’s certainly impressive. This whopper weighs in at 1.4kg and like a Russian doll, has five eggs, each sitting inside each other. First, milk chocolate and salted honeycomb, then dark chocolate orange, followed by a rich and silky smooth ultimate milk chocolate course, then a unique white chocolate, strawberry and black pepper egg and finally the dark chocolate infused mint egg centrepiece. And to top it off, it’s wrapped up in F&M’s iconic eau de nil wrap.

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Selfridges Selection Milk Chocolate Easter Egg 190g: £29.99, Selfridges

You’ll have to be quick to get your hands on this gorgeous creation – only 250 have been made. Created with Valrhona milk chocolate, every confetti like splatter has been hand-painted, making each egg completely unique.

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Willie’s Cacao Golden Pod: £12.99, Willie’s Cacao

We’re a big fan of this guy’s chocolate and this golden pod is actually available all year round (not just for Easter!) Inside the golden pod you’ll find dark chocolate pearls, filled with molten caramel. Heaven.

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Love Cocoa Handmade Easter Feast Hamper: £32.95, Love Cocoa

British chocolate brand Love Cocoa have added an Easter hamper to their collection. Containing their miniature Honeycomb and Sea Salt bars, an Easter bunny tote bag with ears (!) and Easter egg shaped biscuits by Creme de la Crumb, it’s ideal for anyone looking for a luxury, ethical Easter treat or traditional egg alternative.

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Doughnut Time Easter Egg-Doughnut Hybrid: £18 for four, Doughnut Time

Whilst not technically an Easter egg, we had to include this limited edition dreamy 4-pack. Priced at £18 it includes:

  • Struck By A Smooth Caramel (£5.00), a chocolate glaze doughnut filled with chocolate caramel and topped with Galaxy Golden Eggs, gold leaf, black pearls and a Cadbury’s Caramel egg
  • Yolk Addict (£4.50), milk chocolate glaze doughnut, topped with cream glaze, sprinkles and a Cadbury Creme egg.
  • Tease Me Baby (£5.00), chocolate glaze doughnut, topped with confetti sprinkles, milk chocolate beans and a Malteser bunny
  • Egg Sheeran (£4.50), strawberry glazed and chocolate custard-filled doughnut topped with cream glaze drizzle, mini eggs and confetti sprinkles

Available in all 3 x Doughnut Time stores from Friday 16th March – Wednesday 4th April 2018


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