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Duke of Richmond, Hackney

The Duke of Richmond Sunday Roast

Life’s too short for average roast dinners. Which is why we HAVE to tell you about a blinding one we recently had at The Duke of Richmond.

Tom Oldroyd (from Islington’s OLDROYD fame) has set up shop in this little slice of Dalston, restoring the site to its former glory (and then some, we’d argue). They’re calling it a pub but it felt more weighted to the dining room if you ask us. The menu is described as having a strong French accent, whilst using the very best seasonal British produce.

The Duke of Richmond - Photo by Steve Ryan

Gagging at the bit to get our chops around a roast we decide to skip the starters (however it’s worth noting you can order all five of them for 30 quid). Just at the last moment someone orders the truffle and parsnip soup. Whilst we all sit around staring at him to finish, we’re given a spoon to try. Creamy, decadent, far too delicious for soup, we start to regret our decision to skip starters. What else have we missed out on we cry?!

Thankfully that’s all forgotten when we get our mains. With lamb, beef and pork ordered between us, we get a good idea of what’s what. A thick slab of lamb arrived for me, not pink sadly but very tasty nonetheless. We quite liked the gnarly tough bits it came with – I believe that’s what other restaurants sell as ‘burnt ends’. We’re of the believe that ALL roast dinners should come with a Yorkshire pud (what can I say, my mum’s from oop North) so we were pretty pleased to see additional ones offered at 50p a pop no matter what meat you go for. A side of the cauliflower cheese is an absolute must-order thanks to the herb crumb & shaving of autumn truffle. So decadent we scrapped the bowl clean.

A round of espresso martinis rounded of the night nicely. What a way to end 2018 aye!


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