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Duck and Waffle Local

One of the most Instagramable dishes in London is now available via UberEATS.

Yep that’s right, Duck & Waffle Local have teamed up with the delivery service to bring you the iconic duck and waffle dish to your doorstep. So there’s really no excuse for a sad el desko lunch anymore.

Aside from their namesake dish, you’ll also find include Duck Jam Doughnuts, fan favourite the Duck Burger with crispy duck leg and Grilled Duck Breast Satay. It’s not all about the duck though, there’s twice-cooked Pork Bao, Charred Prawn Roll and vegetable dishes such as the Roasted Carrot & Spiced Chickpeas and Vietnamese Summer Vegetable Salad.

We know what you’re thinking – was it shit when it got here though? Well no actually, it was bloody perfect. We’re not sure how they managed it but our waffle was still the perfect consistency, the duck leg had a gorgeous crispy skin whilst retaining its moistness and the egg yolk was one of the best we’ve seen. It was like Head Chef Dan Doherty had knocked it up for us in the next room. There was even a little pot of the syrup for us to pour over at our leisure. Amazing!

We reckon this would seriously impress if you’ve got a meeting locked in over lunch, or if you’re just feeling a little fancy come payday (hell, it’s only £14, why wait until payday).

Available to London’s central residents and businesses, UberEATS will deliver with ease and reliability from Duck and Waffle Local, daily from 10am to 11pm within a 1.5-mile radius of the Piccadilly’s St James’s Market location.

UberEATS is free to download from the app store and it’s available on Apple and Android devices.


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