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Boozey bookworm?

Central & Co. present ‘Drink The Classics’ – a month celebrating four famous novels in the best possible  way….  by drinking them!  

Each week will see Central & Co.  transformed into a different timeless tale, complete with themed cocktails and scene-setting props.

Fresh from running Gin Store at Street Feast, with stints at The Rushmore Group’s Rotary and Giant Robot, bartender James Grant has shaken and stirred for some of the coolest kids in London. Now he’s bringing his mixology magic to & Co. with a literary-­‐inspired list of cocktails sure to inspire even the most resistant bookworms.


Animal Farm: 18th -­‐21th September
Scotch and vodka-­‐based cocktails such as the ‘Scotch Old Major’, Napoleon’s Gimlet and the Politician’s Penicillin nod playfully to the story’s central characters and themes.

Beautiful and The Damned: 25th-­‐28th September
Gin-‐themed cocktails will include ‘Zelda’s The Bees Knees’, ‘Patch Reviver No. 2’ and ‘The Gloriadora’. Vintage lamps, potted plants and, of course, a jazz soundtrack will create the mood of the roaring 20s.

On The Road: 2nd-­‐5th October
A  selection  of  rye  and  bourbon-­‐based  drinks  such  as  the  ‘Cadillac  Sazerac’, ‘Marylou’s  Manhattan’  and  ‘Rye  and  Dry  in  San  Francisco’,  &  Co.  will  take  you  on  a the ultimate American road trip.

Treasure Island: 9th – 12th October
The selection of rum cocktails fit for a buccaneer will include ‘The Silver Swizzle’, ‘Mai Tai Treasure’ and ‘Captain’s Corn N’ Oil’ – all served alongside old chests, dusty skulls and maybe even the odd pile of gold…


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