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Just when I thought I’d drunk in every drinking den in the Shoreditch Triangle I stumbled upon this little dream boat.

My friend described DreamBagsJaguarShoes as “so Shoreditch” but I’d say it’s considerably less try hard then that sounds.

Sure there’s a table stuck to the wall but big communal wooden tables encourage random chatter to the cool kids next to you.

The bar staff are actually friendly and WANT to make you a cocktail you’ll enjoy, which is actually rarer than you’d think around here.

And once you’ve knocked back a few whisky sours you’re encouraged to order mouth-watering pizzas from the legendary stone-baked pizza joint next door –  Due Sardi.

With a college common room feel you’ll want to bed in for the night and skip classes tomorrow morning …….x

by @Staceysssssss


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