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Dom’s Place

If like us you’re getting back from Glastonbury today, you’ll be in need of some serious comfort food.

Allow us to introduce Dom’s Place – a pretty fly Turkish joint that offers both delivery as well as the option to eat in.

We love these guys on the way home from a big night out (they’re open until midnight) and they are pretty good at bringing you back to life after a big weekend too.

Choose from either a thin or thick wrap, add your choice from the grill (chicken, lamb, halloumi, etc) and get a mix of all the lovely salads too. The Biri Biri is a mix of Red Cabbage & Rocket, the Coban is Tomato, Cucumber, Parsley, Green Peppers and the Sumakli is Red Onion, Parsley, Sumak, Pomegranate Vinegar. They taste best together.

Our favourite combo goes something like this….. Thin wrap,  Halloumi & Humus, all the salads plus a side of sweet potato fries – BOOM!

If you’re eating in we recommend washing it all down with an Efes or a Brooklyn or try their special punch.


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