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Dishoom Bacon Naan Roll Kit

Dishoom Bacon Naan Roll Kit

It’s here people. The DIY kit to end all DIY kits. The one, the only, Dishoom have launched their most iconic dish in DIY form. Of course, we’re talking about the much-loved bacon naan roll.  As restaurants and dishes go, this bad boy is certainly one we’ve missed the most during lockdown. It’s good to have you back guys!

Like its café counterpart, the cookery kit serves two and contains smoked streaky bacon from Ramsay of Carluke (matured in the traditional Ayrshire way and smoked over applewood and beechwood chips), three naan doughballs (enough for two plus a spare for experimentation), Dishoom’s signature sweet, sharp, spicy tomato-chilli jam, fresh coriander and cream cheese.

Aside from containing everything you need to create two restaurant-worthy bacon naan rolls, you’ll also receive the essential tea and chai spices (black peppercorns, cardamom pods, cinnamon stick, cloves)  to brew your very own batch of Dishoom’s masala chai (just add the milk and sugar). It just wouldn’t be quite the same without guzzling this on the side, would it? Comprehensive instructions will make sure you assemble everything just so, to help you achieve pillowy-soft naan perfection at home. And the good news is, the kit can be kept refrigerated for 24 hours before use, so you can make sure you’re stocked up, ready and raring to go for the weekend. And for those committed to recreating the café experience in full, we’d recommend checking out Dishoom’s very own Spotify playlist.

For every Bacon Naan Roll Kit sold, Dishoom will donate a meal to Magic Breakfast, their long-term charity partner that provides free, nutritious meals to children that might otherwise go hungry. Initially available to neighbours of the King’s Cross, Kensington and Shoreditch cafés, a limited number of kits will be released for same-day delivery at 3pm every afternoon through Dishoom’s website.

And the best bit? There’s no need to queue up outside for hours before you eat it! Hurrah!

The bacon naan roll kit is not the only way to get your Dishoom fix. Since the start of June, those local to the King’s Cross, Kensington and Shoreditch restaurants have also been able to tuck into a delivery menu of café classics. Small plates, including Vada Pau, Chilli Chicken and Keema Pau, are served alongside heartier dishes of Biryani, Chicken Ruby, Mattar Paneer, and (of course) the much-missed House Black Daal, and a selection of breads, rice and sides.

The Dishoom delivery menu is live now and is available daily 11.30am to 10.30pm.

The Bacon Naan Roll Kit will join the menu from Thursday 18th June, priced at £16, with a limited number available from 3pm daily via (we suspect they’ll be VERY popular!)

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