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Disco Bistro EC4

Whenever we have mentioned this ‘room above a pub’ eatery, people have commented on the name and how brilliant it is. 
It’s obviously a name that conjures up grand food and frolicking. But alas, it does not. There was no disco and, by its true meaning, there was no bistro (yes it’s a small restaurant but no there was no French based, robust home style meals).So it should really be called the No Dancing Diner due to the lack of disco activities and the stateside style menu. We had the famous wings – opting for Spicy over Sticky which may have been a mistake but we ploughed through them like true soldiers. The Pigeon Pea Fritters were a welcome accompaniment to the hot wings! And no there was no trace of pigeon – don’t be so silly. Though do look out for the squirrels on the walls!

The Disco Burger was a must – it was big enough to hold a small dance floor which must be where the name comes from and the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Roll also went down a treat. Hard to fault either of them – unless you really don’t like the mess of eating such chunky burgers. Not a place for a first date.

To be fair – you probably can have a dance and they do hold special events – but after that meal any kind of movement was the last thing I wanted to do. The only thing stopping me going back would be the price – the bill was like dropping some S Club’ at a rave and clearing the dance floor. So whilst there’s no party like an S Club party – there ARE burger joints that offer better value for money.


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