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Ronnie Saunders Diners Union

We booked Ronnie Saunders Diners Union with the promise of 5 courses for an impressive £15. What’s the catch I thought? Well it turns out there really isn’t one. In actual fact there is a reason so much more important to visit that it breaks my heart they are not shouting about it. Every Friday & Saturday these guys are offering up a different cuisine (this week was Danish) in the R3D market space. But listen to this –  ALL profit they make is going to various homeless charities. Not only that, they are also training people that have find themselves in the devastating position of being homeless and giving them a place in the kitchen. Why this isn’t anywhere to be found on their website is beyond me. A soup kitchen is due to open next week just round the corner.
Aside from the great charity work these guys are doing, the whole evening is so much fun!
Canteen style long tables encourage chatter with other diners, food is served at the hatch, just take your tray up and start on courses 1 & 2 (we had ceviche & chicken skin on toast) return for courses 3 & 4 (pickled cabbage with peach & rare Ox) and finish things off with course 5 – apple and almond cake. As I’ve said the menu changes every week so even more reason to return regularly. It’s also worth mentioning that it’s BYO (£3.50 corkage)
So let’s do some good while enjoying ouselves. Spread the word lovely ones, these guys need our support x

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