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Hidden too easily amongst the lookey likey sandwich shops and coffee stops; you’d be forgiven for thinking Dindin is just another Pret or Itsu. But it’s not…




Dindin is a Persian takeaway aimed at, and perfectly situated for, the lunch crowds of London- who, within earshot of Leather lane market and a short stroll from Exmouth market, look past your typical lunch time chains. But with convenience and a menu with a difference, we have here what can easily be described as a Persian Itsu!



“Dindin kitchen wants to change the way you think about food, opening your eyes to the undiscovered world of Persian food, the mother of all Middle Eastern cuisine”




The menu is reasonably priced, colourful and varied with a Quinoa & aubergine superfood salad at less than £2.95 whilst Chicken skewers, marinated in yoghurt with lime and saffron are £6.75. The Herb soufflé is pretty more’ish so we definitely recommend giving that a try and if you’re not filled up on savouries then check out their counter of desserts where you may spy the elusive Cronut (Rinkoff Crodoughs) amongst a selection of gluten free cakes.

There is also a selection of working lunch packages and delivery if you can’t tear yourself away from your computer!


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