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I love London. That statement probably comes as no surprise to anyone that’s been following this blog for a while. After all, my days are split between running around town scoffing the most delicious morsels this city has to offer, whilst simultaneously buying clothes for the women that run it. I get around. I see the very best (and worst) of this crazy little town and on the whole I’m happy to call it home.

But this weekend I really loved London. You may have noticed a certain tribe of people parading around in particularly ridiculous outfits – yes, that’s right, London Fashion Week started on Friday. But that wasn’t why I was in such a good mood, per se. It certainly helped that spring felt as though it had sprung and as I was whizzing about from show to show, the sun was beating down on me and warming me up from the outside in. London just looks glorious when she shines, doesn’t she?

But no, it was more than that. This weekend London had an energy about it that I realised I hadn’t felt for quite some time. It was buzzing! Practically reverberating with ideas. It felt like it was living up to its reputation as fashion’s most creative city.

London Fashion Week kicked off with South London model Adwoa Aboah taking to the stage along with other activists and survivors of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Standing powerfully side by side, they wore t-shirts which read “72 dead and still no arrests? How come?”. A stark reminder to all, that it’s been nearly two whole years since the fire, and still we have no one taking responsibility.

Crummbs London Restaurant Reviews London Fashion Week The Digest Grenfell

Meanwhile outside the shows, climate change protesters took to the streets – causing chaos by blocking roads and holding up shows. Well good for them I say. Whereas in season’s gone by I’ve been hit on the head by a placard wielding PETA activist, today it’s climate change – and in particular the impact fast-fashion is having on our planet.

They would surely approve then of the message Vivienne Westwood aimed to get across with her show on Sunday afternoon. Feeling more like a political rally; models, actors and activists (including John Sauven, executive director of Greenpeace), took to the stage to showcase the new collection, in between staging mini plays highlighting the perils of climate change, Brexit and capitalism. Ironic really given we were all there to buy, buy, buy, more, more, more. It seems the tide really is turning for fast fashion. Where will that leave the likes of Zara? At the luxury end at least, we’re being encouraged to buy less, and buy better.

I must admit to feeling a little broken after the show (it lasted about half an hour, far longer than most). So we did the only thing we knew how – decanted to the nearest pub, ordered a G&T and had a full debrief.

So yes, this weekend I felt proud to call London my home, here’s to what the rest of fashion week might bring!

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