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Death By Burrito

After warm up cocktails at DreamBagsJaguarShoes we stumbled down the road to fill up on the Rebel Dining Society’s latest venture. This place has a dingy dive bar vibe to it which I kinda like – I want to feel badass when eating my burrito.We were seated next to some poor couple that I’d guess we’re on a date. Which was…….intimate.

While they cuddled their cocktails we ordered enough for the whole place; talk about encroaching. The menu isn’t huge and consists of small plates, burritos and sides. Just like the tequila-only cocktail list – stick to what your good at and all that. So we kicked things off with crab cakes, plantain croquettes and ricotta flowers (which weren’t flowers at all, they were blini type pancakes, so don’t be fooled.) At £6 each I felt like I’d got my money’s worth. We shared a beef rib burrito at £12, which admittedly was all killer and no (salad) filler [go with it] but a little steep for what it was. The drunken beans were a great side, served with nachos to scoop them up, I’d come back for a beer and these alone.

We liked our cocktails but as they were all tequila based, they were a bit one trick pony and, as badass as I am, I couldn’t drink them all night long. With this in mind we headed out, just as George Lamb was heading in.

Death by Burrito – I could think of worse ways to go.

by @Staceysssssss


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