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Crummbs chats to… Triangle

In the second instalment of our chats and takeovers series, we chat to Tory from our favourite shop on Chatsworth Road, Triangle…


Tell us about your background and how Triangle came about?

There are 3 of us who own Triangle: myself (Tory), Matt and Mary.

We have collected mid-century furniture for years and had always discussed opening a shop, so when one became available we went for it; put £300 in each, filled it full of pieces from our homes and crossed our fingers.


Eeeek, how brave – and now we understand the name Triangle!! Now you’ve been up and running for a while, what are your favourite brands that you stock? Have you got any best buy’s for foodies?

Favourite brands include clothing line Form & Thread, for its minimal design and glass specialists iittala for its simple beauty. Our best buy for foodies would be anything from Crane who do beautiful handmade cast iron cookware.



We’re big fans of Clapton, what swung it for you guys to set up here?

We all live in Clapton, this was the only choice! We love Chatsworth Road, it’s our community.


If you were to sum up Triangle in one dish what would it be?

A simple pasta dish. Useful, simple, beautiful.


Continuing the food theme – what’s your favourite restaurant and best dish ever in London?

This is a tough one so I will narrow it down to places we’ve eaten in together! Keeping it local (obviously) I’d say Lardo – stunning, seasonal dishes and not too formal.


…and for afters, got a favourite boozer?

Our favourite pub is The Windsor Castle – if feels like a second home.


And finally , let us into the secret of your dream day in London?

Our dream day is all about relaxing. I’d start by walking my dog along the canal and getting breakfast at the small cafe by the rowing club. After that I’d hang out at home, mostly in the garden and obviously BBQ if it’s summer!

Dinner at Sodo followed by drinks at the Windsor castle – none of which requires leaving E5 – bliss.


Sounds like our kinda day! Triangle will be taking over our Instagram account on Monday 19th June. Make sure you’re following us to see what they get up to!

Instagram: triangle_store_hackney


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