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Coya Bar

The country famous for Machu Picchu, ceviche and The Emperor’s New Groove has another ace up its sleeve… pisco!

To celebrate National Peru Day, Coya Mayfair hosted an evening of cocktails and music. Pisco is a key part of the menu at Coya, an entire section entitled “El Espiritu del Pisco” is dedicated to the stuff! Only the finest piscos are used to create the signature pisco sours and classic cocktails are given a South American twist.

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The Pisco Royale, made with La Diablada pisco, egg white, lime and Billecart-Salmon Rose champagne, was sprinkled with gold leaf as a final opulent flourish! The bar manages to strike the balance of a stylish interior that still feels cosy and intimate – it would be the perfect place to take a date if you want to impress!

Come for the piscos, stay for the ceviche then finish with more piscos!


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