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Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch

It’s not often that your night will start in a jail cell, but at Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch that’s exactly where we’d recommend kicking things off.

You see, the newly refurbished hotel was the Old Magistrates’ Court where the infamous Kray Twins were sent down and Courthouse have kept the original cells! Don’t worry, they’ve been given a bit of a spruce up and are now a pretty cool nook for you and the gang to sup the latest concoctions from the Jailhouse Bar. We kicked things off with a fragrant aperitif called ‘On Trial’. A fun twist on the classic Kir Royale, it features vodka, crème de cassis, Chambord, blueberries lemon juice and champers.

Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch

Once you’ve wet your whistle, move on through to the beautiful dining room, located in the original courtroom. The huge skylight & mirrors combo above your head is going to shine on a summer’s day and it’s pretty cool being surrounded by centuries of British legal history.

Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch

As you might expect, the menu focus on British produce and we started with Cornish crab croquettes, with a spicy pineapple salsa. Roasted duck breast comprised our main course – we loved the truffle oil, blue cheese, walnut crumble clusters it was served with but don’t forget to order a side. Before you leave, be sure to find room for the whisky tart with real vanilla ice-cream.

As well as the bar and restaurant you’ll also find a spa, indoor swimming pool and subterranean bowling alley and cinema.

We’re not sure what the Kray’s would have to say about the £40 million renovation, but we’re sure the city boys will be thankful.


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