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Communion Bar

It takes A LOT to get us south of the river, especially for a cocktail bar – why would we leave East London, we’ve got so many banging destinations already!

But new to Camberwell, Communion Bar has more than enough to become a destination in its own right.

Located just underneath the already popular Angels & Gypsies tapas restaurant this new cocktail joint really packs a punch. Head underground to check out the “stained glass windows” and forget what’s going on upstairs. With no actual windows this place suits a late night tipple but quite honestly we forgot what time it was after a couple of superb drinks.

Continuing the church going theme, each table has a glass of communion wine. I’ll be honest, I was too scared to taste it, so stick to the cocktails!

Cocktails here have had a lot of love and care put into them with all spirits being carefully sourced, often locally yet with a Caribbean vibe.

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There wasn’t one we didn’t appreciate, so I’d strongly suggest going with friends and working through them all!

Even the strongest of spirits is beautifully rounded with the other complimenting ingredients – I challenge you to find one you don’t like! And the care hasn’t stopped there, drinks are topped with everything from sugar cane to exotic fruit. The cocktails are always evolving here and staff are happy to prepare all the old classics too.


If you need to soak all this up with something then you’ll be pleased to know Angels & Gypsies are on hand with their tapas and sharing boards, try the generous charcuterie or cheese boards.


The number one thing to remember though is you MUST finish up the night with their homemade amaretto. It is literally the best thing we’ve ever put in our mouth. And that’s saying something.

Even better, because we love you we’ve got you the recipe to give it a go yourself!!



Homemade Amaretto


200g amaretti biscuits

500ml vodka

120g sugar

1/3 of vanilla pod

30g crushed almonds


How to make it:

Crush the amaretti biscuits, add almonds, slice of vanilla pod and step in Vodka. Keep it locked in a Jar for 2 days.

Combine the biscuit mix in a pan with sugar, simmer mixture over very low heat until sugar dissolves next strain through the super bag (or whatever you have to strain properly: might be cloth if made at home) .
Bottle, keep it refrigerated for another two days (this is the real challenge but it will get thicker) and ready to drink.

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