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Come Fry with Me

This summer will see the launch of Come Fry with Me celebrating the humble fry. With their first restaurant opening this autumn, the on-board team are dedicated to crafting innovative and classic combinations, there promises to be a fry to satisfy every palette.

Founder Tiffany Plant, 24, started experimenting with fries after long days in the office. She began creating new flavour combinations, drawing on her travels for inspiration, taste tested gladly by her friends in their midnight frying sessions. “Crisps come in different shapes, sizes and a crazy number of flavours too – so why does the fry get left to a pinch of salt and a splash of vinegar? Fries are delicious with Marmite, rosemary, steak…” says Tiffany.

Providing a new take on Britain’s much loved potato, Tiffany’s perfected fries are triple cooked. Come Fry with Me’s fries are available as skinny, gastro or skin-on, either Flavoured, Topped or in a Butty. Influences from around the world are piloted across the menu: Truffle & Parmesan (duck fat gastro fries, tossed in truffle and Parmesan), Rosemary & Garlic (rustic skin-on fries), Naked and Battered (gastro fries coated in Guinness batter). In addition, there will be a Medley of fries (parsnip, carrot and courgette) and to satisfy the sweet tooth Cinnamon Sweet Potato. Topped fries will include Steak & Stilton, Chilli con carne with sour cream, and Greek, with feta, oregano and lemon.

Come Fry with Me will open for check-in this Autumn in Covent Garden. The overall aesthetic embraces the heyday of air travel, with wooden surfaces and fluid curved lines reminiscent of the 1960s. The sleek and irreverent design of the restaurant will continue the airline theme with bright coloured lines to guide guests across the floor and themed signs hanging overhead. Fries will arrive on their very own ‘fry carousel’ conveyor belt.

Designed and built in the UK, Come Fry with Me’s dedicated fry truck will touchdown in fields and streets this summer, bringing with it the glamour of a vintage airline lounge. Choose from an old-fashioned ticker board menu to check-in your order with the on-board team. Debuting at this year’s Clapham Foodie Festival 24th-26th June the truck will taxi across the country to various food festivals through the year.

Come Fry With Me
Covent Garden

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