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Coin Laundry

We can’t stand all of that Dry January nonsense – January is literally the only month of the year that drinking feels compulsory – you’re going to need something to get you through the cold hard stretch until Spring. So if, like us, you’re on the lookout for another great pub to add to your repertoire, look no further.

Coin Laundry launched on Exmouth Market at the end of November and was RAMMED. Now that all the Christmas parties have calmed down, we’d recommend hot-footing it over to try out the fun 70s inspired menu while trying your hand at the vintage pinball machines.

Teaming Chicken Kievs with Black Forest Trifle, Coin Laundry has a super laid back vibe from morning to late night.

The morning menu offers everything from a dirty baps to fruit salads, whilst the all day menu features dishes your mum might have made as a treat. Featuring the likes of Prawn Cocktail, Barnsley Lamb Chops, Summer Pudding and Trifle, these retro dinner party favourites have been brought back to life in contemporary form. Whilst still true to the classics, they are teeming with creative elements and utilise quality, seasonal and local produce from Neal’s Yard cheese to beef from Wells Farm in Tunbridge Wells.

No doubt you’ve heard that the signature dish at Coin Laundry is the Chicken Kiev – made modern with hand foraged wild garlic and a secret bread-crumb blend. A “Kiev Counter” will count down the number of breaded cutlets left in the kitchen and they are served complete with a stick of gum. Elsewhere on the menu, Rabbit Balti Pie and Lamb Faggots cater for the more adventurous diner.


Following suit, the cocktail list features modern takes on retro classics such as the Grasshopper and the Snowball. A soda-stream will create a selection of bubbly cocktails and fizzy soft drinks.


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