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Club Mexicana at 100% Vegan Pub, The Spread Eagle

Club Mexicana at The Spread Eagle

We first fell in love with Club Mexicana during their kitchen takeover at Dalston’s Pamela. Since then we’ve sniffed them out at various festivals and last week we were reunited once more at London’s first 100% vegan pub – The Spread Eagle.

It’s the kind of pub party people Sink the Pink based this year’s panto on – if you know, you know. Sherri seemed to run the show, all blond hair piled on top of her head with cactus earrings swinging all over the show – I mean, with front of house staff like that they’ll have trouble getting rid of people quite frankly.

Club Mexicana at The Spread Eagle

Because we need to get one thing straight – this is a proper east end boozer. Sure, it’s been given a bit of a spruce up but this is a pub, first and foremost, through and through. There might be a few more vegans frequenting the place nowadays but the locals haven’t left, their just taking it in turns to hold the pub dog (she’s still a teeny weeny pup!!).

If you’re not vegan yourself, there’s no reason at all to give this place a wide birth, in fact it’s probably THE most inclusive place you could go. Imagine the freedom of getting the crew together and being able to eat and drink EVERYTHING on the menu – the dream.

Club Mexicana at The Spread Eagle

So if you haven’t tried their Mexican vegan magic yet – what can you expect? The old favourites are on the menu – we’re looking at you Baja Tofish Taco – but there are also some newbies. Start with the corn tortillas piled high with salsa and guac, share some of the so-good-we’re-not-sure-how-they-do-it deep-fried cheese sticks dunked in hot sauce and don’t even think about missing out on the chicken wings. If we had to choose just one favourite it would probs have to be the new MFC – that’s Mexican Fried Chicken doncha know. Served in a soft bun with mustard mayo, pickled cabbage, dill and a side of corn chips – it’s ideal if you don’t have time for the full feast.

There’s even a beer pairing option if you’re feeling particularly fancy.

Club Mexicana at The Spread Eagle

The kitchen is currently only open from Thursday to Sunday but obviously if you’re vegan you’ll be grateful to know that all the booze – from the craft beer to the wine is all free of animal products.

Oh we nearly forgot about dessert – let’s just say that whilst we were eating the spicy, deep fried ice-cream we were already thinking about when we could return to eat another. We think that’s pretty much all you need to know.


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