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The Clove Club

We haven’t been this excited for a new restaurant in forever but if the launch night of The Clove Club was anything to go by this place is gonna be pretty special!

The venue is cooler than cool, located in Shoreditch Town Hall. The cocktails are banging – it’s all about the Sipsmith Gin and the star canapé of the night goes to the grilled wood pigeon sausages!

Serious date night vibes – make sure it’s a special occasion.


So last night we were lucky enough to eat at The Clove Club – a birthday present from an amazing friend who knows all too well we’re only happy when I’m stuffing my face with delectable treats!

Our editor Stacey, went during the restaurant’s launch. I’m pleased to say I can echo her experiences – things are still top notch!

As you enter you are greeted with an ornate central bar, and offered to sit there for a cocktail or go straight to your table. Too many places in London these days rush you through your meal in order to get another sitting in – so I was very content to take my time at the bar and enjoy my evening. Served immediately with a glass of water while we chose our cocktails, we took in our surroundings. Cured sausages and hams hanging in the corner, a wonderful champagne bowl that I wanted to steal!

Our first course was a trio of starters – smoked sausage with the best mustard I’ve tasted – nothing too empowering – just incredibly good. The buttermilk chicken was served in a basket of… erm… tree… and the asparagus looked a little like it was covered in fag ash! BUT – they were delicious – the ash was crushed black sesame seeds and thankfully not Dot Cotton’s leftovers, the chicken so tender.

It seemed for the rest of the night dishes didn’t stop coming. My absolute favourite of the night was the Blood Pudding with White Peach – whoever thought of this combo is a genius! We paid the £5 supplement for a man to shave his Italian Summer Truffle over the Lincolnshire Chicken dish – and to be fair, neither of us felt it added much to the taste of the already-yummy dish. Probably not a choice I would make again.

The highlight of dessert had to be the rosemary infused sorbet – I’m loving trying ingredients in dishes that seemingly don’t “belong” at the moment, and I could have eaten a whole bowl of this.

In summary – this is a great restaurant for the young professional, looking to add a little more gastronomy to their evening. The staff are incredibly attentive – explaining all the dishes with a smile, and the food is delish!

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