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Christmas Cocktails

Christmas party season has begun!

Here’s a few cocktail recipes to get you in the mood…


Muddy Boots

Think spicy and fiery, not ‘dull and done it before’ with the Muddy Boots cocktail from Heartsease Farm.

Out with boring old Moscow Mule (yawn), now your senses will be aroused by the floral star anise, spicy tones of Jamaican ginger, the deep warmth from the spiced rum and the slight tingle that is left on your tongue.

Indulge in the perfect party tipple; it’s easy and quick to make, what’s more you don’t even have to get muddy!



150ml Heartsease Farm Fiery Ginger Beer

50ml Spiced Rum

1 Whole Star Anise


Wedge of lime


Method (this is where it gets complicated)

Artistically pour the rum followed by the chilled ginger beer into an old fashioned champagne glass. With a

flourish, drop in the Star Anise and perch a perfectly cut lime wedge on the rim.



Rum & Raisins at Skylounge

A balanced mix of Diplomatico, Brugal and Pyrat Rum, touch of Cherry Brandy and add a gentle sweetness of sugar. Garnish with rum soaked raisins.


30ml Diplomatico

25ml Brugal

5ml Pyrat

5ml Cherry Brandy

5ml Sugar syrup

2 dashes of Angsotura Bitters



– Soak Rasins in rum for 48 hours or more

– Combine all listed ingredients, shake well

– Pour into martini glass

– Garnish with the rum soak raisins



Plum & Rum Old Fashioned at The Treehouse at Skylounge



45ml Chairman’s Reserve Rum

20ml Plum Purée

A small dash of sugar syrup

4 drops of Plum bitters



– Pour all ingredients in cocktail mixer to shake

– Add ice cubes into tumbler

– Pour mixture into glass

– Garnish with slices of fresh plum


And lastly, for the tee-total or pregnant…

An easy non-alcoholic alternative to mulled wine for the festive season, brimming with Christmassy spice

In a saucepan warm the contents of a 750ml Spiced winter cranberry, add a small cinnamon stick, a few cloves, a star anise, orange slices and a handful of fresh cranberries. Serve and enjoy!


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