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Chick n Sours

I love these restaurants. I’m talking about those that you can drop in at last minute, after a few drinks (or before) for a super quick bite, without breaking the bank, that you’re not embarrassed to be seen in.

Long gone are the days where the only affordable option was Pizza Express on an Orange Wednesday! I’m talking about the Yard Sale Pizza’s, the Dom’s Wraps, the DF Mexico’s of this world.

The perfect balance between fast food and full on restaurant experience.

Chick n Sours is one of these magical places. Absolutely rammed on a Tuesday night (just a few days after officially opening) we were lucky to grab a perch in the window.

This place really reminded us of Pies n Thighs in New York – which can obviously only be a good thing.

The menu is concise (I mean, if you don’t get it from the name, we’ve got problems) but banging.

Cocktails are so reasonably priced it’d be weird not to get one (read 10). We recommend the Strawberry & Basil Sour.

Never missing a beat, there are a few things you just HAVE to order, which we’ll helpfully list for you here:

Korean Fried Chicken Bun – fully loaded with crunchy chicken thigh, gochujang mayo, chilli vinegar & crunchy slaw.

Chick n Sours Korean Fried Chicken Bun

Guest Fry – essentially a crispy chicken drumstick and thigh, covered in chilli jam, crispy shallots, Thai basil, mint & spring onions. So so so tasty but you’ll need a side, which brings us nicely to…

Chick n Sours Guest Fry

Pickled Watermelon with Peanuts & Coriander – no, we wouldn’t have ordered it either had our friend Jules not INSISTED we had too, what can I say, I’m so glad she did!

Chick n Sours Pickled Watermelon with Peanuts & Coriander

What about dessert you ask?

Weetabix soft serve ice cream. YES.

Chick n Sours Ice Cream


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