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Celebrating 90 years with Godiva

This year the luxury chocolatier is celebrating its 90th anniversary in style with the launch of a new limited-edition collection that celebrates the brand’s roots while also looking forward to the future. 

To celebrate the new Anniversary Collection truffles, a series of three multi-sensory pods had been set up allowing guests to experience chocolate using all of their senses! Using research from neuro-science, each chocolate pod was designed to enhance the defining flavour of the truffle.

Godiva Experience

Our favourite was the Speculoos truffle, a light mousse covered in milk chocolate and topped with crunchy Speculoos biscuit. Research has shown that sound can affect your perception of sweetness, so we were asked to put on our headphones and listen to a high-pitched sound while we took a bite of the truffle. We will admit we were a little sceptical but the truffle really did seem a little sweeter! This was followed by smelling a sugar cube soaked in coffee, then taking a bite, and suddenly there did seem to be a hint of coffee in the truffle, it was really surprising!

Chocolate covered straberry

We were treated to a demonstration by Godiva’s Head Chef Chocolatier, Jean Apostolou. Jean created the flavour of the year for Godiva, Rose and Raspberry and he was on hand to explain how he came up with the idea while also demonstrating his truffle-making skills. We also got the chance to make our own Framboise-Rose, a light raspberry and rose filling, covered in milk chocolate and coated in crisp raspberry and chocolate pieces. We’re not sure we will be starting a new career in chocolate making anytime soon, but it was fun to have a go with such an amazing Chocolatier!

Finally, we also got to have a sneak peek at Godiva’s Christmas Collection for 2016. The packaging was beautiful, designed by illustrator Dinara Mirtalipova, and there’s an amazing advent calendar we had our eye on! Chocolates included hazelnut praline and a delicious chestnut praline, each individual chocolate beautifully decorated. Start dropping your hints now!

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