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Celebrate World Whiskey Day with TINCUP

We’ve got a super simple recipe for you to try out using TINCUP, an 84 Proof American Whiskey which has just landed here in the UK…

Whiskey Mac

40ml TINCUP American Whiskey
20ml Ginger Wine

Stir over ice & garnish with a lemon twist


TINCUP Bottle Shot
TINCUP has a dark caramel hue and an aroma with notes of citrus, black pepper and ginger snap. Though technically a bourbon, TINCUP is described as an American whiskey, one that is high in rye and low in malt compared to other whiskey brands, giving it a more desirable, powerful flavour.

Check out these London joints that are serving it now..
Dukes Brew & Que, Happiness Forgets, Blind Pig, Bodean’s and Berners Tavern at The London Edition.



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