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Day of the Dead cocktail recipes

To celebrate Day of the Dead newly opened Tequila and Mezcal bar El Nivel in Covent Garden have created three themed cocktails to coincide with the Mexican festivities and we have the recipes here for you to test out yourselves!

The Resucitador de cuerpos, Calavera Cobbler and Mestizo Cocktail; all suitably named, suitably strong and suitably seasoned for the occasion.

El Nivel is the brainchild of the UK’s most well-regarded tequila experts, Tomas Estes and his son, Jesse Estes, the co-owners of Ocho Tequila, a single estate vintage tequila. With a goal of ‘creating the most exalted place in London to drink agave spirits’ El NIvel is all about sharing the delights of tequila and mezcal, along with their lesser known siblings, bacanora, raicilla and sotol to connoisseurs and newcomers alike. Featuring special bottles from private collections, vintage tequilas and craft cocktails, the offering will combine classic spirits with inventive twists.

The cocktails will be available for the fortnight spanning Day of the Dead –  from Friday 24th October until Friday 7th November. 


Calavera Cobbler

35mls Ocho Anejo
15mls Grand Marnier
75mls house red
3 lemon wheels
2 orange slices
6 mint leaves

  1. Muddle fruit in shaker
  2. Add all ingredients
  3. Add cracked or crushed ice
  4. Quick shake
  5. Dump into wine glass.

Crown glass with crushed ice, Garnish with mint sprig, berries and powdered sugar.

Resucitador de cuerpos 3

Resucitador de cuerpos

25mls DM vida
25mls lemon
25mls triple sec
25mls cocchi americano
3 dashes absinthe

Shake & double strain into chilled coupe


Mestizo cocktail 2


Mestizo cocktail

45mls Ocho Reposado
20mls carpano antica
5mls benedictine
2.5 mls amer picon

  1. Stir & strain into chilled coupette
  2. Garnish with Lemon zest


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