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We have to tell you about THE MOST EXCITING NEWS and there are only a couple of tickets so go FAST FAST FAST if you wanna be in for the time of your lives.

(PLUS, we’ll be there! Yay!!)

So basically, how does a Saturday night sleepover with the loveliest of ladies sound, huh? Ok, let us set the scene……

Boom Shakalaka & Gaggle Productions present a ‘drinking & thinking’ event for women who no longer want to queue outside Fabric, stumble round Shoreditch or crawl round Camden. Or at least, not on a cold night in January.

The Sleepover is a chance for women to have fun and share ideas over the course of an entire evening, with a bespoke, curated night of entertainment. And, it’s launching at the luxurious Royal Suite of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel – home to the iconic Spice Girls Wannabe staircase! Just 45 women will be able to take part in this incredible event which includes food, booze, excellent company, with some surprises thrown in.


Order of Activity 7pm onwards….

You’ll be welcomed into the Royal Suite (yep, Queenie has bedded down here, don’t ya know) by the most iconic hostess in all of London, Ginger Johnson(Pam Ayers on Prozac), who will be handing out the prosecco and encouraging you to get into your PJs.



Sleepover SHERO and resident expert for the evening Katie Puckrik (The Word, Pajama Party, 6 Music presenter and Perfume Whisperer) will be giving a masterclass in smell, followed by one-to-one “readings” about what your fave scents say about you – your scent horoscope!



This is when one of the hotel’s eateries, MI + ME, will be bringing foodie treats to our room. Delicious toasties, fries and salads for everyone.


Resident Troublemaker….

The comedian of our generation Luisa Omielan, with the most famous thighs in the Isles, is going to lead us in a game of I NEVER DID or TRUTH & DARE. #WhatWouldBeyonceDo?



Gemma Cairney gets on the decks along with some Sleepover DJ mates turning the Royal Suite into the ultimate Sleepover disco.


Camomile teas, chocolate and a movie go on as we all bed down. Most of us will want to be in the main room, proper Sleepover style, but for those who need a little extra privacy we have Sleepover deals that can include a private room for you and up to 3 mates.


The morning after….

The perfect formula for the morning after: Juices, coffee, pastries and a workshop with the massage experts from St Pancras Spa AND a yoga sesh!


Not only that, Regatta have given #TheSleepover BRAND SPANKING NEW LUXURY BLOW UP MATTRESSES AND SLEEPING BAGS FOR EVERYONE TO USE ON THE NIGHT! So no need to bring ANYTHING unless you really want to!


PLUS Green & Blacks have made sure everyone gets some lovely chocolately ice cream on the night! YES! Annnnnnd edible booze pioneers Smith & Sinclair have just dropped off a loads of edible boozey goodies for all Sleepover participants – including pina colada dipdabs!


Tickets are extremely limited and ALL INCLUSIVE (inc drinks, food, entertainment and your spot in the Royal Suite) at £120 – and there will be special goodies!

It’s also possible to book a private room package as a group of 4, these are limited and first come first serve.

We can’t wait to meet you at our Sleepover.  



Saturday, 30 January 2016 at 19:00 – Sunday, 31 January 2016 at 09:00 (GMT) – Add to Calendar


St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London – Euston Road London NW1 2AR GB – View Map



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