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Burger & Lobster

When I heard about Burger & Lobster, I found myself having a little Peter Kay garlic bread moment. Burger? And Lobster? Now that I’ve been, it’s very clear, it is the future!
A Sunday night visit and we still had to put our name down for a table, but what is great about this place is that they take your number and you’re able to return rather than stand outside freezing your claws off.
Our waitress was lovely; she saw my excitement as she explained the menu. WARNING: do not go here if you don’t like either burger or lobster! As far as I could tell there is nothing else on the menu.
Now, what to choose? I was on a date, and there became that awkward moment where someone proposes we share one of each…and luckily we were on the same page. The waitress kindly offered to serve it up half and half. The choice on how you wanted your burger cooked (medium rare) and whether you wanted your lobster grilled or boiled (grilled) left me impressed.
When the food came up it was a delightful scene. A rainbow of colour on the plate not to mention a huge bowl of fries, and a “side” salad that resembled more of a deluxe caesar.
Burger & LobsterThe burger was cooked to perfection; the garlic butter complimented the lobster wonderfully. I was as happy as a fat kid in a candy store. AND we got bibs to wear! Not exactly romantic but we were also lathering our lobster in garlic butter!

For £20 a pop, Burger & Lobster are clearly making their profit on the burger here, but unlike a lot of places these days, your sides are included and they are generous in portion. The atmosphere was buzzing throughout the whole evening, and I can’t wait to return! It works great as a date night and to top it all off nicely, I bagged myself a second date at the end of it. Luckily, thanks to this site, I’ve a few places up my sleeve in attempt to impress him!

by @allybear30

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