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I’m not fond of bread…
so we went back to Bunnychow and had some bread…. obvs.

We last visited Bunnychow just over  a year ago for their opening on Wardour Street. The food was great and we’d have recommended a bunny to anyone – even recently I overheard someone trying to explain what a Bunnychow is and I had to wade in with how great they taste but… it’s a bit too much bread for me, personally. So when I heard that they had a revamped menu with healthier bread options, a return visit to see how the guys and their bunnies were doing had to be done.




After lots of trials and extensive focus group (these guys are dedicated!) they have produced a menu that, overall, is much lighter with new ‘Better Breads’ such as a detoxifying charcoal brioche (it’s black!!), a flavoursome gluten-free bread, protein rich wholemeal and vibrant fortifying matcha green tea white bread.




The fillings are also heaped high but not stodgy. Instead they are in the same light and healthy vein as the breads. We recommend anything with the Monkey Gland sauce. In fact just grab a bottle of that bbq magic and squirt on everything – it is amazing! They have a great new selection of sides which include ribs in said sauce and they are to die for; falling off the bone and smothered in flavour. We really hope they start to sell the Monkey Gland sauce in bottles for us to buy!





To compliment your meal are a choice of healthy fresh juices; we recommend the refreshing Coconut and Lime.




Rishal and the guys at Bunnychow are clearly incredibly passionate about what they do and it comes across in the food. We hope that the future is bright for Bunnychow because we love the direction that they are headed.

You can also grab a bunny to go with Deliveroo – so now there’s no excuse to be one of those people who needs to have what a Bunnychow is explained to them. Get to know!


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