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Bunnychow Launch Party

We chowed down at the Bunny Bar in Soho aka the new bricks and mortar home to street food stars Bunnychow and here are the photos to prove it…

If you haven’t had the fortune of sampling their bunnys at Boxpark or anywhere else these guys have popped up the past year then be sure to get yourself down to Wardour Street to check them out.

They’ve expanded their range of ‘chop the top of and fill it up’ eats to desserts with some gorgeous cupcakes, fruit filled apples as well as some great freshly squeezed juices like the alcohol-free Beetroot Bloody Mary and Cucumber Mojito.










We definitely recommend the Pork n Pickle bunny though – one that they trialled at Boxpark and is just one of six different bunnys on the menu each day.

Others include the signature ‘Monkey Gland Bunny’ paying homage to monkey gland sauce, a condiment traditionally served in South African restaurants; the Monkey Gland Bunny combines handmade meatballs in a sharp BBQ style sauce with peppers and fresh chili. And, inspired by the flavours of South East Asia, the ‘Bangcluck Bunny’ combines chicken and beansprouts in a Thai ginger sauce, topped with a veg slaw.








Remember, when they open you’ll be able to pay for your food with hashtagged photos and tweets! Using the hashtag #SohoChowDown

Twitter: @thebunnychow / Instagram: originalbunnychow / Facebook: thebunnychow


74 Wardour Street, Soho, W1F 0TE

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