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Well, when I heard about Bubbledogs it sounded like a weird combination, but I like bubbles, and I like hotdogs, so I thought what have I got to lose?
We knew we’d have to queue and we did wonder if it would be worth it. Much like a L’Oreal advert, it is. We waited about an hour and when we finally got our table our waitress was sweet, attentive and all up for telling us her favourite dawg.The three of us chose a cloudy prosecco, all preferring an Italian tipple to champers. The dog names were hilarious, and it was hard to choose. We ordered the Sloppy Joe, a classic chilli dog, a Fourth of July… With coleslaw and a spicy BBQ sauce and probably the one I was least convinced by the Buffalo Dog With spicy sauce, celery and BLUE CHEESE! This was the best by far! We ordered ALL the sides, sweet potato fries (nom), more coleslaw, and Bubbledogs own “Tots”, resembling less like the 90s nightclub in Southend, and more of a mini hash brown.

The food was good. So good we ordered more! Swiss cheese and sauerkraut on one, and the Jose, salsa, avocado and sour cream, the other.

Topped off with a cocktail at Rev JW Simpson, all in all it was a very yummy evening!

by @allybear30


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