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We take the new delivery kid on the block; Bringit, for a spin…

Bringit is a newbie amongst the current trendy breed of delivery apps taking up real estate on your phone. But it comes with the added bonus of being able to order your groceries too. So when you make your first search you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see a grocery option and see your local Sainsbury’s pop up in the results!




We trialled the app for a lazy desk lunch. Opting for a few dishes from Spanish kitchen; Iberica. A restaurant that doesn’t come up as an option with Deliveroo which made for a nice change.

The delivery charge is surfaced upfront along with the distance which is handy and straight away we noticed lots of good restaurants not currently available on other delivery apps.




Another handy feature is being able to see, in real time, where your ‘Bringer’ is and track their journey to the venue and then on to you. Though at the same time its painful to see them starting off so far away from the restaurant or not moving at all! But as Bringit grows I’m sure this will be less of an issue. We were also fond of the ability to add delivery notes and request a call or alternative should what we order not be available.

It did take a long time for our food to become available, with the Bringer waiting at Iberica for the majority of that time. It was just under 1.5hours from order to delivery in the end. But as orders are placed ahead of the driver arriving at the restaurant then we would recommend ordering ahead of time – whereas we ordered at lunch, for lunch. School boy mistake there maybe?

Watching the Bringer on the map, we could see that they made good time in getting the food to us once it was ready – so it arrived nice and warm still which was a massive bonus. Past experiences of using delivery apps that are still quite fresh have resulted in cold food. So that’s a big win for Bringit right there.

Would we use the app again? Yes for sure. But maybe we wouldn’t order from Iberica. Or would at least like to see some real time waiting times/predictions. Thumbs up from us!


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