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BrewDog Soho

BrewDog’s fifth hop hot spot in the capital has arrived in Soho! Situated over two floors, caged red neon signs light-up the dark hardwood flooring – yep – craft beer just got super sexy.  

There’s even a “craft beer sexline” in the basement – we do not lie.

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London’s obsession with craft beer shows no signs of declining – luckily BrewDog are specialists here boasting a menu with over 20 craft beers on tap hailing from San Diego to Scotland. Not only that, they are now making history with the world’s first ever ‘transgender’ No Label beer. We’re no experts (unlike co-owner James Watt who is a bonafide Ciseron, or ‘sommelier of beer’, of which apparently there are only 11 in the world) but this new equality no-gender beer is truly delicious and that’s what makes us happy.


Of course, we can’t mention BrewDog without drooling over the delicious, Americana-themed menu filled with gourmet Hot Dogs, Melts, Wings, Shakes and all the lickins. We particularly loved the Voodoo Sausage Dog smothered in pineapple salsa, spring onions and spicy mustard as well as the Kimchi Dog, a beef sausage covered in kimchi, teriyaki sauce, nori strips and sesame seeds – and that my friend is what you call sexy fast food. Oh, and don’t leave without trying the guilt-inflicting, Chocolate Chunk Cookie & Peanut Butter Ice-Cream sandwich.

Rapidly dominating the UK’s craft beer market and boasting at least a dozen international outlets from Spain to Sao Paolo, BrewDog (a crowd-funded company in its fourth round of investment raising) is also breaking new ground by creating the world’s first ever crowd-funded brewery – now that’s an investment we can justify.


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