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Brewdog launch vegan site with Biff’s Jack Shack

Biff’s Jack Shack x BrewDog Dalston

Vegan ‘junk’ food favourites Biff’s Jack Shack is to launch its signature menu of jackfruit-based grub at BrewDog Dalston on October 14th. And for the first time ever, BrewDog will be serving an exclusive vegan-friendly line up of its own beers and other drinks, making BrewDog Dalston the first, and only, fully vegan bar in its entire portfolio. Whoop whoop!

With BrewDog taking care of the drinks, Biffs will be bringing its unique crispy fried jackfruit to the kitchen: young green jackfruit braised in a secret spice mix and triple-dipped in golden panko. Biff’s BrewDog Dalston menu will include all its classic crispy fried jackfruit burgers and wingz, as well as several new exclusive burgers and specials.

Old favourites such as ‘The Father Jack’ – named as Time Out’s favourite vegan burger – and ‘The Samuel Hell Jackson’, topped with maple chipotle hot sauce will be on the menu, alongside a whopping six new burgers, including ‘The Jack and Cheeze’ topped with deep-fried mac and cheeze, smoky BBQ pulled jack, mustard mayo slaw, and dill pickles; and the epic ‘Canadian Dip’ topped with seasoned fries, gnarly bacun, BrewDog PUNK IPA beer cheeze, dill pickle, parsley, porcini gravy dip.

Other brand new items to get excited about include Biff’s all vegan take on a southern smoky meatloaf, glazed in chipotle ketchup, and served with bourbon BBQ dipping sauce; nachos loaded with a zesty lime yoghurt, Biff’s secret pico de gallo, holy moly guacamole, BrewDog PUNK IPA beer cheeze and jackfruit; and, best of all, a sweet jackfruit pie with vanilla ice cream and salted caramel for dessert.

Biff’s crispy jackfruit wingz are not to be missed either, coming complete with a sugarcane ‘bone’, and topped in a range of Biff’s house-made sauces, including classics such as bourbon-infused sticky BBQ and brand new creations like Hotline Dogs – ketchup, hunny mustard, onions, dill pickles – and Soyz in the Hood, ginger, garlic, soy glaze, sesame seeds.

The BrewDog Dalston menu will also feature a section of ‘Filthy Fries’ including a vegan poutine; Chilli Cheeze Fries; and the Dirtbag Melt, with BrewDog PUNK IPA beer cheeze, gnarly seitan bacun, sweet pickle sprinkles.

Want to check it out for yourself?

They’ll be on soft launch from October 14th – 16th with 2-4-1 on all burgers and wingz!



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