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The Breakfast Club

Everyone knows you have to queue for this place, especially on a Sunday morning. So it probably isn’t best to meet the girls (+ one baby) for brunch on no sleep. But obviously this is where I found myself on Sunday past.
The cold queue is warmed up by little hot chocolates topped with marshmallows – nice touch. All the staff are fit so you can’t get too grumps & their reaction to seeing a baby (presumably no-one in Hoxton spawns children) was so adorable (read, hilarious). Drinks took an age to finally come (Lila got her milk way before I got my coffee, pfft)However saying that the waiter didn’t seem phased when I asked to pimp up my “Posh Sausage Sandwich” – replace the mushroom with bacon. And the girls all seemed very happy with their pancakes.

All in all this is one of my favourite places for brunch in London. Yes you have to queue; yes the service isn’t the fastest. But it feels like your best mates living room, and they don’t bat a perfectly groomed eye at creating your own hangover cure through the medium of meat.


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