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Bourne and Hollingsworth

It’s Friday evening, straight after work. I’m on the corner of Percy St and Rathbone Place. The pub across the way is overflowing. So what could be more refreshing than a few cocktails in an air conditioned, tiny but roomy basement hideaway?

To everyone squashed up against the bar queueing for a pint in a warm glass at The Marquis of Granby… more fool you! We’re cotching with cocktails and cucumber sandwiches in Bourne & Hollingsworth!

Though it was nice and calm at around 6pm when we arrived, by 7pm it was filling up and we can imagine even later it can be a bit of a squish. So make sure you reserve a table – it’s basically only the size of your Nan’s front room – and it’s decorated like it too! That’s if your Nan is a decadent alcoholic that is; judging by the mass of champagne bottles adorning the mantle piece!



Every cocktail on their well designed and printed menu shouts ‘try me!’ and we will definitely be back to do just that!

For this flying visit we were tempted by the The Gardeners Tea Break, an amazing little gin concoction served up in a tea cup with a cute sandwich on the side.
It was Friday evening and I needed some coffee so the mocha cocktail option was definitely on the cards and was served up with a couple of chocolate fingers!

We loved these touches and it is this attention to detail that makes places like Bourne and Hollingsworth stand out. Never again should you be satisfied with cheap 2 for 1 cocktails brimming with ice and a slither of alcohol. It should be presented like a work of art curated with style, flavour and humour.

This is what B&H do well. You can imagine them having sat around one of their old lady tables brainstorming each cocktail one by one. NOT throwing something fruity into a glass of ice and vodka and hoping it looks colourful and gets you pissed.

Definitely go. Definitely reserve a table. Definitely have more than a few cocktails!


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