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The new noodle shop from the team behind Forza Win (and friends!)

Bosslady is a noodle bar specialising in beef brisket noodles (ngau lam mein /牛腩麵) a humble, hearty yet surprisingly complex dish adored by Hong Kongers from all walks of life. It’s also a killer hangover cure.


Henry is someone you may well have seen at Forza Win – he’s often helping out in the kitchen, or building things (the one with the great glasses) His real passion, when not drawing cartoons, is for noodles. So he quit his job, returned to Hong Kong, spent time working at his favourite noodle restaurant, and now he’s back – ready to take the London noodle scene by storm.

Starting from next Sunday, BossLady London will take over the Forza Win space in Peckham for 7 Sundays of Beef brisket noodles starting from August 9th. Tickets can be purchased here (EVENT IS NOW OVER), and should be done so post haste – they’re only £8 and selling quick.


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