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Borough Wines on Essex Road is a bit like an iceberg. From above you’ll admire it’s glass fronted space, glistening with row after row of beautiful bottles willing to be taken to your next dinner party. However, where it gets super exciting is down below. The intriguing space is hiding a nanobrewery below ground, in what used to be a series of bank vaults and YOU are invited to check it out.

Groups of aspiring ale-makers and beer enthusiasts will be able to book a hands-on Brew Day Experience hosted by Borough Wines’ in-house brewer. A celebration of London’s hop-based culture, Borough Wines will also collaborate with innovative and exciting brewers from across the  booming beer scene to produce its own ales to buy in store.

For 50 quid per person, groups of 6-16 people will be able to experience a day in the life of a master brewer, as they are led through the brewing process. The brew kit has been designed with groups in mind, with large open vessels that give great visibility and encourage a hands-on approach from visitors. It’s small enough to enable the flexibility and creativity of an at-home kit, whilst providing the precision of a professional operation, meaning everyone can roll up their sleeves and get involved. Throughout the day guests will enjoy beer tastings, and food from local producers to keep you going. Once the Brew Day is finished, Borough Wines’ experienced brewer will take care of the beer as it goes through a two-week fermentation and conditioning process, before it is ready to be enjoyed at home – they’ll even deliver it!  We think this would make for a cracking birthday party if you have a special one coming up.

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