Bompas & Parr – The Institute of Flavour

Bompas & Parr can’t do any wrong in our eyes and we love ProperCorn…so this is an all round must see [and taste]…

• Over 125,000 flavour combinations to be created
• Flavours ranging from violet to black truffle to yuzu
• Win a lifetime’s supply of PROPERCORN
• See the museum of ancient and rare grains
• Chance to season with 24 carat gold or UV powder
• World’s first strobe-effect popcorn popping installation!


Bompas & Parr - The Institute of Flavour


Multi-award winning snack makers, PROPERCORN, have joined forces with culinary architects, Bompas & Parr, to bring their pursuit of flavour perfection to life, revealing the pop behind their packs.

Stepping off the streets of Soho into The Institute of Flavour, guests are hit with a sensory celebration of seasoning and taste. Journeying through the spice shelves, bitters and sweets of the flavour library, all who enter will experience the crescendo of the anechoic popping room, before tumbling their precious popcorn in the kitchen. Each person will sniff, spray and sprinkle their way to their own signature seasoning, before it is pinned to the wall of pop.

This flavour experience from the masters of maize, continues in the popcorn museum, housing some of the oldest grains on the planet and concludes with a perfectly shaken popcorn cocktail at the colour bar.

Sam Bompas explained, “If history has taught us anything it is that humans exalt in choice. What’s more, science now tells us that everyone’s palate is dramatically different.

For example 10% of people can’t actually taste the aromatics in truffles that make them compelling. So you have to trust you own sense of flavour, what you like and dislike. This will be the first installation where you can have over 125,000 flavour combinations of popcorn so come, put aside your devices and revel with us.”


Every carefully-popped flavour- complete with personalised packaging- will be entered into PROPERCORN’s nationwide “crowdseasoning” competition. Their panel of food pioneers, which includes the PROPERCORN founders, Sam Bompas and Natasha Corrett, will be choosing finalists from across the UK, with the winning flavour going up for public vote.

At the end of a month long celebration of flavour, one taste-maker will be chosen to have their Limited Edition flavour stocked nationwide in Whole Foods and be given a lifetime’s supply of popcorn.

Cassandra Stavrou explained: “PROPERCORN began five years ago, inspired by childhood memories of food and flavour. Since then, we’ve been tirelessly exploring taste, learning everything we can about making seasonings in way that both satisfies and surprises. We can’t wait to demystify the seasoning process and share our flavour secrets with food fans.”

The Institute of Flavour pops up on 17th June, open to the public for 2 days.
Noho Studios | 46-54 Great Titchfield St, W1W 7QA London

To get hold of tickets or create a flavour visit: www.instituteofflavour.com

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