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Bompas & Parr – The British Museum of Food

This week Bompas & Parr launch the British Museum of Food, the world’s first cultural institution entirely devoted to the history, evolution, science, sociology and art of food.

Never before has the subject of food been explored so powerfully, with a series of exhibits that align with the quirky and disruptive style of the studio’s approach to communicating food and drink coupled with the ethos and values of a serious museum.

Opening for three months from 23rd-October, located in a building at Borough Market across two floors, Bompas & Parr is collaborating with the market’s managers, trustees and traders as well as a selection of different artists to initiate a new cultural institution for the capital.

Through its exhibits and experiences the museum aims to showcase the most exciting elements of food. Fundamentally it will seek to change peoples’ lives by helping them consider what they eat and to spread knowledge around nutrition and health and to recognise its role in culture. As it builds a permanent collection, it will seek to become a globally recognised national resource, a platform for experimentation and innovation, and a body that can advise government policy makers on anything related to food.

Bompas&ParrIceCream_01 (credit Nathan Pask)

The opening exhibits manifest a variety of features that embody the museum’s motto of ‘From Field to Table, Mouth… and Beyond.’

– Be the Bolus: the Peristalsis Experience – an immersive digital journey into the body, following the path of food along the alimentary canal from the mouth, into the stomach and intestines, using footage obtained working with consultant gastronenterologist Dr Simon Anderson
– Choco-Phonica – a sonic wonderland focused on chocolate where visitors are asked to experience taste against the medium of sound, curated in collaboration with Space Doctors and Nathanael Williams Music with the advice of multisensory scientists
– The British Menu Archive – a selection of historical and beautiful menus, normally an ephemeral part of food culture but actually a revealing historical resource
– The Butterfly Effect – a walk-through tropical butterfly experience that tells the story of the unsung heroes of pollination in the context of global food security concerns
– Atelier of Flavour – a gallery showcase of food as art, with a focus on how different artists have used unusual materials to represent the English Breakfast

chladni-juice (photo by Jo Duck)

Previously Bompas & Parr has developed a musical instrument that changes your sense of taste; created the fastest cheese trolley in the world (0-62 mph in 6.6 seconds); sent coffee into space (taken to 37km high and back); and cooked ribeye steak on 2,100°C molten lava. In the basement of the museum, it already operates Alcoholic Architecture, featuring a breathable cloud of cocktail.

So you kind of know it’s already going to be good.

Visit www.bmof.org or www.bompasandparr.com for further details of the event

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