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Out of the Blue at The Berkeley Hotel

Out of the Blue at The Berkeley Hotel

Forget Dry January guys, we’ve found an immersive drinks experience worth quitting the new year’s resolution for.

Out of the Blue is a very special new concept from the team behind uber swanky Blue Bar at The Berkeley Hotel (sister hotel to Claridge’s). Located in a separate part of the hotel, away from the main bar, this exclusive new section only seats a maximum of four guests at a time and lasts about 30 minutes. After your briefing and non-alcoholic palette cleanser you’re taken to a sealed box to begin the adventure. We don’t want to give the game away completely but the idea behind it goes something like this – a Pina Colada might taste great when drank on a sunny beach in your bikini, however try it on a drizzly day back home in good ol’ blighty and you might feel differently.

Out of the Blue at The Berkeley Hotel

You’ll be seated in a deep blue velvet armchair, in front of four beautiful white vessels which conceal the drink within. Working from left to right you’ll be given just under 10 minutes on each concoction before moving onto the next. During this time abstract visuals will be projected onto all four walls around you, even the seat you choose will change the experience slightly. As well as the images, music and scent is pumped into the room at various points, changing the taste of drinks from sip to sip. As you’d expect from such a premium experience, only the best brands are used. One cocktail contained Laurent-Perrier Champagne (our fave!) for example.

At the end of each section all of the ingredients will be revealed – it was so much fun trying to decide what you were consuming. Mostly we were right but there were definitely some great surprises along the way! It really heightened all of our senses whilst challenging personal flavour preconceptions and the time flew by. We found the drinks size to be pretty generous given the duration, and will admit to leaving a little tipsy. This totally exceeded expectations for us and we’d highly recommend if you’re looking for something special.

The experience seats a maximum of four guests and can only be booked in its entirety.

Hourly slots are available, priced at £200 for up to four guests. Bookings can be made by phone or by e-mailing outoftheblue@the-berkeley.co.uk


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